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What is The Blue Monkey?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

A Damn Good Ecstatic Dance Party - and a Place of Profound Healing

There's a vision behind The Blue Monkey. And a dream. The dream of true connection in a world (macrocosmic) and the city of Berlin (microcosmic) that gets more and more anonymous and pressured by the demands of neoliberalism and the money economy. Faster and faster, more and more digital. It's called progress - we cannot keep it up and we don't want to. But we feel the need for spaces that are to some extend outside of this development. Spaces in which we can meet and connect in a raw way. Without our societal masks. Play together, have fun, be ecstatic, in a balanced, wholesome, conscious way. We are looking for togetherness, soul family, community. To be in such spaces together as a tribe we perceive as profoundly healing.

Connecting to Ourselves and Others through Dance, Music, Ritual

Ecstatic dance, music and ritual as well as all kinds of bodywork and meditation (yoga, pilates, qi gong, and so on) are practices that help us come together in such a way. They bring us from the ever-busy monkey mind into our bodies, re-connecting us with ourselves. When we are connected with ourselves, that is when we feel our bodies again we can also connect to other people in a free and playful way. Because then the sense of separation that most people feel most of the time diminishes and we can feel more united again.

What is Conscious Club Culture?

The Blue Monkey is a conscious club. That means it's an alternative to the mainstream club culture in Berlin. The Blue Monkey is part of a social movement in Berlin and internationally making club culture more conscious. Now all over the world more and more conscious clubs and ecstatic dance events take place and enable a more wholesome dance experience.

As we believe club culture is and always was a shamanic experience, reaching transcendent states through music and ecstatic dance together as a group. However, clubs in Berlin and internationally tend to start late at night, go sometimes for days and thus directly or indirectly foster the use and abuse of alcohol and substances. Most substances have a closing effect. It's like building an energetic wall around us, making connection maybe seemingly easier at first because our insecurities and sensitivities are covered for the moment by the substance but it's just this way that they are really inhibiting true encounter at the heart level. True encounter can only happen if we show ourselves with at least some degree of openness and vulnerability. A conscious club or community thus is a space in which a certain level of trust and respect between people is enabled without the use of substance. At the Blue Monkey we are trying to create an environment in which this trust between the individual members of the community can develop.

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