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A Conscious Carnival

The Blue Monkey is a conscious club in Berlin, hosting very special events at different beautiful locations both indoors and open air. Featuring the best Berlinian and sometimes international organic club music and ecstatic dance DJ talent, the events always start with a ceremony, live concert or yoga/breathwork workshop (and sometimes all of the above) to honour that which is sacred and prepare the guests for an organic ecstatic club night. Often, the guests can even enjoy a sauna during the event to help them relax and decompress even more.

It all started in spring 2018 when the kundalini yoga teacher and passionate ecstatic dancer Karolina Darshan found an outdoor location at lake Tegel which was willing to host an ecstatic dance. She had wished for an ecstatic dance open air for so long. Now her dream finally came true: Ecstatic Dance Open Air was born.


In autumn 2018 the name of both the outdoor and indoor events was changed into The Blue Monkey, inspired by the maya calendar whose 11th kin (energetic quality) is called"Chuen", the Blue Monkey. The former stands for the lightness and playfulness of the child that is not yet conditioned by society. Open and innocent, it just follows its impulses.

 A Monkey day is a good day for dance, music, play and monkeying around. For a “Conscious Carnival”, a space in which we can drop our societal masks and flow together. We feel that this energy of lightness and playfulness is needed very much in our world today. At the same time we want to keep it conscious and safe and and thus offer an alternative to Berlin's regular club life that nourishes our need for ecstasy without the unbalanced overindulging.

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